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Ceramic fiber classification and production methods

Date:2017-11-28 10:24 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber is a traditional thermal insulation materials, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, glass, chemicals, automobiles, building materials, aerospace and other fields. According to the structure and material composition of different, divided into glass (amorphous) fiber and polycrystalline (crystalline) fiber two categories.
1. Glass fiber production methods
Glass ceramic fiber production method is to melt the raw material in the resistance furnace, high-temperature melt stream from the discharge port, flow to the multi-roll centrifuge spinning speed spinning roller, the rejection of the centrifugal force of the roller melt high-temperature melt Dumped into a fibrous material. High-temperature melt streams can also be blown into a fibrous material by quenching under the effect of high-speed jet forces.
2. Polycrystalline fiber production methods
Polycrystalline ceramic fiber production methods are colloidal and precursor two.
Colloid method: the soluble aluminum salt, silicon salt, etc. made of a certain viscosity of the colloidal solution, the solution flow compressed air jet method or centrifugal disk spinning method fiber, and then high temperature heat treatment transformed into aluminum silicon oxide crystals fiber.
Precursor method: The soluble aluminum salt, silicon salt made of a certain viscosity of the colloidal solution, with a pioneer 谇 (puffed organic fibers) evenly absorbed colloidal solution, and then heat treatment and transformed into Al-Si oxide crystal fibers.

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