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What is the temperature of the clay insulation brick?

Date:2019-10-25 17:02 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The lightweight clay brick is a lightweight refractory product with a porous structure of AL2O3 content of 30%-46%, and is a shaped refractory material. It is mainly made of a plastic mud-burning additive or a porous foam made by a slurry foam method or chemical. This product is widely used and can be used as a thermal insulation layer for various high temperature furnaces. Many people will ask what is the temperature of this refractory brick? A detailed answer will be given to this question.
Clay insulation bricks are characterized by high porosity, uniform pore distribution, small bulk density, good stability, and excellent thermal insulation. The same length of insulation material used to close the furnace shell can reduce the temperature of the furnace shell.
Index properties of clay thermal insulation bricks: The commonly used lightweight clay bricks have a bulk density of 0.75-1.2g/cm3, a compressive strength of 0.98-5.88MPa, and a thermal conductivity of 0.795-2.93W/m at 300°C. The use temperature is generally 900-1250 ° C, and the maximum use temperature is 1200-1400 ° C.
It can be seen from the above that the temperature of use of clay thermal insulation bricks of different bulk densities has a certain difference, and the price is also different. Therefore, according to the structural characteristics and working conditions of the kiln, as well as the requirements for the service life of the brick, it is reasonable to choose the light clay brick to be used.
For example, in a reverberatory furnace, the inner lining can only be built with heavy refractory bricks because of the erosion of the slag and the burning of the flame. The lightweight brick can not withstand such an environment. The general thermal insulation material layer is applied to the outer surface of the furnace wall, the furnace that is continuously operated is relatively reasonable in external insulation, and the heavy refractory brick is used in the working lining, and the lightweight brick such as lightweight clay brick is used in the non-working layer. The heat loss can be well reduced, and the reasonable combination also ensures the strength of the furnace.

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