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Conditions for use of different refractories

Date:2019-10-31 15:48 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1. Castables for ceramic kiln
The material of the inner wall of the kiln wall is required to withstand high temperatures, and the type of refractory material selected is determined by the temperature at which the product is baked.
(1) using clay refractory bricks at a temperature below 1300 ° C.
(2) use high alumina bricks at 1300-1400 °C.
(3) use silica brick at 1400-1500 °C.
(4) use magnesium-aluminum brick at 1500-1600 °C.
(5) Use corundum bricks below 1800 °C.
2. Coke oven refractories
(1) Refractory materials for carbonization chambers; clay bricks were mostly used in the past, and now tend to use high-quality high-aluminum bricks, sillimanite bricks and andalusite bricks.
(2) Refractory materials for combustion chambers. The combustion chamber shares the furnace wall with the carbonization chamber, and the bricks are the same as the carbonization chamber.
(3) Refractory materials for the top of the furnace. The surrounding of the top of the coal-filled hole is made of clay bricks due to large temperature fluctuations, and other parts are made of silicon brick.
(4) Refractory materials for the ramp. The chute connects the combustion chamber to the regenerator, requiring the brick structure to be stable and resistant to thermal stress. Clay refractory bricks for small coke ovens and silicon bricks for large and medium coke ovens.
(5) Refractory materials for regenerators. The single vertical wall, partition wall, bottom and lattice brick masonry of the small coke oven regenerator are all made of clay bricks. The middle and upper masonry of the large and medium coke oven regenerator are all made of silicon brick to make the coke oven The whole is evenly expanded.
(6) Refractory materials for small flue. The small flue is located at the bottom of the regenerator and communicates with the flue. The small flue is entirely lined with clay bricks.

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