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The High Temperature Operation and Maintenance Guideline of Ceramic Fiber Products

Date:2017-08-01 10:40 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber products have good high temperature resistance, fire resistance, resistance to oil, acid and alkali, and good chemical stability. They can be generally used for 10 years. During use, ceramic fiber products are inevitably bumped and dirtied, which can reduce their service life. Regular maintenance can expand their service life and improve their insulation performance. 
(1) Selection of materials
A prerequisite to ensure a long service life of ceramic fiber products is to select high quality ceramic fiber products, because high quality ceramic fiber modules, blankets and boards are through a special process during the production process, which ensures their dirt and dust proof and abrasion resistance. 
(2) Inspection and prevention
During the construction and use, inspection is an important step in the prevention. 
Before the installation, check whether the products are in good condition and polluted by rain water. If so, even if dried, the thermal conductivity and insulation performance will still be affected. So, rain and moisture measures are important. 
During use, if there is any breakage, it is important to deal with it in time to minimize the loss as far as possible. 
(3) Regular maintenance
In order to improve the anti-wind erosion ability and service life and protect the surface of ceramic fiber products, after installation, a layer of high temperature resistant curing agent is sprayed on the surface. The curing agent is formulated with inorganic binder, dispersants and additives. After curing, a hard ceramic shell is formed. It can improve the corrosion resistance of ceramic fiber products and prolong the service life of the lining. the curing agent can be cured in 12 hours at room temperature and dried in 2 hours at 100℃. The furnace should be maintained once a year. During maintenance, a layer of high temperature curing agent is sprayed as a protective layer.

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