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The superiority of clay bricks

Date:2015-09-18 15:20 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
1, economy: can reduce cost, reduce the frame section, save reinforced concrete can significantly save the comprehensive cost of the building. Design use of lightweight brick than using solid clay brick, comprehensive cost can decrease the frequency of more than 5%.
2, practicability: the use of low porosity fireclay brick can increase the usable floor area, at the same time because of the aerated concrete insulation, thermal insulation effect is good, in the hot summer, indoor temperature is lower than using solid clay brick 2-3 ° C, air conditioning, reduce power consumption.
3, construction, light brick has good workability, construction is convenient and simple, due to the large blocks, qualitative light, can reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, shorten construction period.
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