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Selection of Thermal Refractory Applications in Metallurgical Industry

Date:2018-01-08 10:27 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Insulating refractories are refractory materials with high porosity, low bulk density and low thermal conductivity. It features a porous structure (porosity is generally 40% to 85%) and high thermal insulation.
Insulating refractory used as a kiln insulation, lining or insulation, saving fuel consumption. More varieties, mainly light refractory products, non-thermal insulation refractory materials and fire-resistant fibers and their products.
Light fire products
There are mainly light silica bricks, light clay bricks, lightweight alumina bricks and alumina hollow ball products. General lightweight refractory products bulk density is generally 0.6-1. 2g / cm3, the use of temperature is generally 900 ~ 1350 Yi. Alumina hollow ball products can be used for a long time below 800 yi.
2. Refractory fiber and its products
Refractory fiber is a fibrous refractories, is a new type of insulation efficiency insulation materials. The main production methods of refractory fiber melt injection method, high-speed centrifugation and colloidal method.
The main varieties of refractory fiber aluminum silicate refractory fiber, zirconium aluminum silicate refractory fiber, high purity high alumina refractory fiber, polycrystalline mullite fiber, alumina fiber, zirconia fiber. In addition for low temperature insulation slag wool, glass fiber and so on. Refractory fiber products are refractory fiber as the main raw material, processed into a variety of blankets, blankets, plates, rope, paper and other high temperature insulation materials.
The weight of refractory fiber products, low thermal conductivity, thermal stability and resistance to mechanical vibration performance. 1 ~ 0.2g / cm3. The refractory fiber products bulk density only 0. 1 ~ 0.2g / cm3. Made of refractory fiber products lining kiln, heat loss is small, save fuel, warming fast, especially for intermittent operation furnace. In addition, refractory fiber also has a soft, easy processing, construction and convenient features. At present, the production and application of refractory fiber has been rapidly developed, metallurgical and other industrial enterprises on the need for refractory fiber more and more urgent. The use of refractory fiber in a variety of high temperature kiln, the energy saving effect is significantly improved

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