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Temperature Control Of Fire Clay Bricks

Date:2015-12-08 10:06 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Fire clay bricks are popular used in industry, customers who used it know its good properties, however, if the temperature is high during the sintering process, the fire clay bricks will be damaged, so temperature control is very important for us to perform.

fire clay bricks

There are several levels of fire clay bricks when sintering fire clay bricks, generally speaking, as to the first and second level fire clay bricks, if the sintering temperature is about 1440℃ and the temperature difference is within 50, the holding time of fire clay bricks is 40 hours. However, as to the third level fire clay bricks, if the sintering temperature is about 1440℃, the holding time of fire clays bricks are shorter than the first and second level fire clay bricks. If the first and second level fire clay bricks are used in tunnel kiln, the sintering temperature should be controlled in 1500-1560℃. The temperature is also influenced by different raw material and applications of products, so the speed of heating temperature is also different when sintering, the temperature rise should be 600℃, and then rise the temperature to 1200℃ one point by one point according to the difference between the beginning, and we also need to note that controlling the temperature changes during cooling.

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