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How to judge the quality of clay refractory bricks from color?

Date:2019-01-08 17:04 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The quality of clay refractory bricks is not only related to raw materials, but also has a great relationship with its raw material ratio and firing process. The quality of the finished product can also be judged by its color.

1. The color of clay refractory bricks is generally pale yellow and brownish yellow, sometimes dark brown, and sometimes there are brown and black spots. Dark brown indicates high iron oxide content, light yellow and yellow are normal colors. .

2. the color alone can not fully judge the quality of good or bad. Light color does not indicate high refractoriness, because clay refractory bricks also have many white impurities. If they are high in refractory bricks, the clay refractory bricks can be lighter in color, but the refractoriness is reduced.
3. Clay refractory bricks with yellow and light yellow appearance can be purchased, but the melting point of refractory bricks needs to be precipitated, so that the guaranteed sintering temperature has been reached.

Of course, when buying clay refractory bricks, we can't just distinguish the quality by color. We need to consider various factors to purchase high quality products. If you don't know how to buy high-quality clay bricks, please contact sunrise refractory. We have decades of experience in refractory export and have gained a very good reputation. We will certainly provide you with satisfactory clay bricks.

If you have any needs our help or are interested in our products, you can click online advisorychat with us online, or call our customer service telephone: 0086-0371-63838939. We will sincerely serve for you!

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