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Why Sunrise Refractory Fire Clay Bricks Received Highly Praise?

Date:2019-02-18 16:44 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The alumina content of sunrise refractory fire clay bricks for sale is 30%~40%. Our sunrise refractory fire clay bricks for sale is a kind of refractory brick with large production, low price and wide use.
The fire clay bricks used in blast furnace requires high refractoriness at normal temperature and can withstand long-term operation wear of furnace material. The small volume shrinkage of the furnace at the high temperature is beneficial to the integrity of the furnace lining. The low apparent porosity and low Fe2O3 content can reduce the deposition of carbon in the pores in order to avoid the expansion and porosity of fire clay bricks in the process of use, reducing the formation of low melting points. Fire clay bricks for blast furnace has better performance than common clay brick.

Sunrise refractory is the best fire clay bricks for sale manufacturer and supplier in China. Many people will have any doubt of this, then, please allows me to introduce our fire clay bricks properties.
Our fire clay bricks for sale Al2O3 content is 30~48%, SiO2 content about 50~65%, Refractoriness is around 1580~1750℃, RUL is between 1250~1450℃. Sunrise refractory fire clay bricks has low thermal conductivity and low coefficient of linear expansion. Besides, our fire clay bricks also with Good thermal shock resistance, good acid slag resistance, fire protection, heat and sound insulation, moisture absorption, etc.
Usually, fire clay bricks for sale of sunrise refractory are used in civil and architectural engineering. If you want high quality fire clay bricks for sale, please E-mail sunrise refractory fire clay bricks for sale company! Our sunrise refractory fire clay bricks for sale company will offer you qualified fire clay bricks for sale for you with low price! Interested? Welcome to contact sunrise refractory!

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