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Do you know the advantages of refractory bricks?

Date:2019-03-05 16:43 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Refractory bricks are widely used as materials in many construction projects. Do you know more about it?
The use of refractory bricks is more complicated than clay and high-aluminum insulation refractory bricks, and accounts for a small proportion of the total output of thermal insulation lining. In the production process of refractory bricks, the physical and chemical changes generally do not reach the equilibrium state at the firing temperature. There are also refractory bricks that are not sufficiently burnt. Therefore, in order to maintain the integrity and stability of the furnace wall during the action of the rotary kiln, in order to maintain the integrity and stability of the furnace wall, every 5 to 8 layers are used, where the height of the bricklaying layer is the same. The masonry method of pulling the inner and outer walls to each other, that is, inserting one half of the refractory brick into another brick layer or fixing it with a metal anchor.
What are the advantages of sunrise refractory bricks? Please allowed me to introduce of you:
1. Chemical composition: The main components determine the quality and characteristics of the refractory.
2. bulk density: unit volume weight, density, indicating that the compactness is good, the strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be large.
3. obvious porosity: no specific requirements, but as a manufacturer must strictly control the air hole.
4. load softening temperature: also called high temperature load to start deformation temperature, this parameter is very important, marking material resistance to high temperature resistance.
5. thermal shock resistance: resistance to rapid changes in temperature without being destroyed.
6. Compressive strength: The maximum pressure capacity to withstand (normal temperature).
7. Flexural strength: The ability to withstand shear pressure.
The above is the introduction of the advantages and characteristics of refractory bricks, I hope to help your work. Sunrise Refractories has been committed to the development and production of the most professional refractory materials, refractory bricks and other products for many years. The quality is reliable and reliable! Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit and discuss cooperation.

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