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Principles for selection of glass melting furnace insulation materials

Date:2019-08-13 17:12 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
At present, the thermal insulation technology of the melting furnace is mainly from the structural design of the melting furnace and the selection of thermal insulation materials. Among them, the selection of thermal insulation materials plays an important role in the thermal insulation of the melting furnace. In recent decades, great progress has been made in the research and development of thermal insulation materials for melting furnaces. This paper focuses on the comparative analysis of several types of glass melting furnace thermal insulation materials and traditional thermal insulation materials.
1 Principle of selection of furnace insulation materials
Due to the harsh environment in which the furnace insulation material is located, the following principles should be followed when selecting insulation materials:
(1) It has good thermal insulation performance, that is, the thermal conductivity is 矣λ≤0.14W/(m·K) (350K);
(2) It has a certain degree of refractoriness, especially under composite insulation, each insulation layer should meet the requirements of interface temperature, otherwise it will greatly affect the temperature retention performance and even failure;
(3) It has high temperature stability and can ensure no powdering or falling off under the use temperature conditions;
(4) It has good chemical stability, and it must not be corroded or corroded by the body structure during use, and it can be fixedly attached to the refractory material;
(5) It has certain impact strength and light weight;
(6) The material allocation plan should be economical.
The large dome, pool bottom and pool wall of the melting furnace are the parts with more heat dissipation, which account for about 85% of the heat dissipation of the entire furnace kiln. The heat transfer method of the kiln surface is convective heat transfer and radiation heat transfer. The surface temperature of the kiln body is related to the ambient temperature. The smaller the temperature difference between the surface temperature of the kiln body and the external environment, the lower the heat loss. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving, it is necessary to lower the temperature of the surface of the kiln. The decrease of the surface temperature of the kiln after heat preservation has a great relationship with the physical properties of the thermal insulation material, especially the thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation material, and the two have a positive correlation.
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