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Analysis of Causes of Abnormal Erosion of Sunrise Refractory Glass Kiln

Date:2019-12-06 16:45 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Cause analysis and control of abnormal erosion of AZS brick pool wall of glass kiln furnace. In the glass manufacturing industry, the same glass products and the same glass kiln have different maintenance time, maintenance parts and kiln service life.
Normal material erosion is the time range of material design use, and abnormal material erosion is a vicious situation that occurs within a fixed location and within the design service life of the material. The hidden negative effects of these situations are very large, affecting not only the economic benefits of glass enterprises, but also the health development of the entire glass industry to a certain extent.

After years of refractory production experience and many experiments, Sunrise Refractory has reached the following conclusions:
(1) The glass liquid cannot penetrate seamlessly, and the gap between the products will cause mechanical scour of the backflow of the liquid glass. When the glass is precipitated in the gap, the bubbles will be precipitated, which will aggravate the erosion of the product gap. The stricter the requirements, the better.
(2) When building the kiln, ensure that the foundation is stable and that there is no product overhead. Expansion joints must be properly reserved or the business of the masonry staff must be strict.
(3) The height and width specifications of the protective brick inside the kiln brick should be appropriately increased. The protective brick must play a supporting role.
(4) In the production process of fused AZS bricks, it is necessary to conduct effective system management on whether the oxygen outlet of the oxygen gun is blocked, and the position of the oxygen gun should be set to facilitate the observation of the state of the oxygen outlet of the oxygen gun.
(5) For sand molds made of quartz sand and water glass, the proportion of water glass cannot be less than 8%. When the amount of water glass is small, it will cause the surface sand to fall off during pouring, which will bring hidden danger to the product. The best choice is fused AZS brick made of resin sand model.

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