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Discharge Status Of Glass Furnace

Date:2016-01-11 10:42 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
NOx is not only harmful to people and animals, but also to the ground industrial products, corrosion of buildings and underground water pollution, therefore, it has become one of the important indicators for evaluating the environment. There is a large amount of NOx in the flue gas of glass furnace, especially the glass furnace with gas and petroleum coke powder as fuel and the NOx emission concentration in gas is about 1200~3600mg/Nm3. The annual emission of a 500t/d float glass production line is as below:

Types of flue gas annual emission/t
CO2 1190003
Sox 2781
Nox 1013
smoke dust 300

According to the requirements of GB 26453-2011< Air pollutants emission standard for flat glass industry >, for new glass production enterprise, the maximum limit of NOx emission concentration should be 700mg/Nm3, so it has been an emergent issue to reduce the emission of NOx in the gas of glass furnace.

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fire clay bricks

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