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Big Fireclay Bottom Blocks Made By Vibration Casting Method

Date:2016-03-14 10:36 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The big fireclay bottom blocks are made by vibration casting method is made of clay clinker, mullite powder, superfine oxide powder and a hardening agent. Those raw materials are missed into self-hardening mud. Then the mud is made into pug which has a thixotropic property and self-hardening property and can be released from the mold after standing for a period of time. 
Big Fireclay Bottom Blocks Made By Vibration Casting Method
In order to meet the requirements of the molding process, trace amount of glue solution and slow-acting coagulant are appropriately added. Glue solution can not only reduce water consumption from 10%-13% down to 5.5% -6.5% and obtain uniform organizational structure. Slow-acting coagulant can made the green brick synchronously cured inside and outside and thereby shorten the release time.
During vibration process, in the big fireclay bottom blocks made by vibration casting method, due to surface tension, most of the gas within the mud exists as spherical balls and forms closed pores. Therefore, the brick has low air permeability and can effectively prevent the diffusion of oxygen through refractory walls, which can avoid cracks caused by volume expansion due to the oxidation of metallic tin into Tin oxide. 
Since bricks have low air permeability and diffusion of hydrogen is slow, thereby avoid the glass defects caused by generation of the bubble in the bottom of the tin bath and improve the rate of finished products. 

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