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New Development of Refractory Technique in China

Date:2017-01-05 17:17 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Big fireclay bottom block is the base material servicing for high temperature industry. In many high temperature industry, iron and steel industry is the most important users of refractory material, the usage account in the iron and steel industry accounts for about 65% ~ 70% of the total. Iron and steel industry to the refractory material of the varieties, quality and quantity of demand, in the refractory industry technology development plays a guiding role.
1. Scientific and technological achievements
Refractory industry in China conducts breed structure adjustment, technological progress is remarkable
Modern large joint use of iron and steel enterprise important refractory product has been basically done domestic self-sufficiency, and each year there are refractory materials and refractory products exports. Refractory products exports amounted to 1.53 million tons in 2005.This is a very outstanding achievement, because early in the 1980 s reform and opening up, more than 95% these important products need to be imported from abroad.

2. Gap and problems
Since China's reform and opening up, go through 20 years of efforts, refractory technology got great development in our country, many products have reached or close to international advanced level, has become a great production nation of refractory material, the total output of refractory material accounted for first in the world, basically meet the demand of iron and steel industry development. But the whole refractory technology level compared with international advanced level, there is still exsisting quite a big gap, especially is the key part of refractory products still need to be imported.
3. Refractory technology development trend
Over the past decade, through scientific research, refractory material science and technology has made great progress in our country, solved the localization problem of the refractory material about the introduction of new technology in the iron and steel industry, but mostly research technique which is formed by the track type, namely along the introduce, analyze, digestion and absorption, improve the road of innovation.

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