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The Masonry Works of Fire Clay Brick

Date:2017-02-06 11:48 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The masonry works of fire clay brick
Construction preparation
1. Fire clay brick: varieties, strength levels must meet the design requirements, and has factory certification, water brick color should be consistent, neat edges.
2. Cement: varieties and labels should be based on the masonry site and the environment to choose, generally should use fire clay brick supporting refractory mud.
3. Sand: with the sand preparation, the following M5 mortar, sand with mud content  is not more than 10%,  above M5 mortar mud content is not more than 5%, before use with 5mm aperture sieve screening.
4. Admixture: white ash paste ripening time is not less than 7d, or use gypsum fly ash and so on.
Operation process
1. Row of brick bottomed: According to good door and window openings hole position line, carefully check whether the window between the walls,  the length of the stack fit for rows of brick modulus.
2. Corner angle: before the wall should be the first angle, each angle is not more than five layers, when masonry hanging in a timely manner, if any deviation in time to repair.
3. Hanging lines: when masonry to hang lines, such as the department of long walls, the middle should be set up a few branch points, small lines to be tightened.
4. Bricklaying: should use a shovel ash, a brick, a squeeze rubbing of the three brick method.
5. Stay cro: corner of the external walls should also be masonry at the same time, and when masonry, embedded the pull-bar.

Quality technical standards
1. Material quality must meet the design requirements.
2. Masonry mortar must be dense and full, mortar plumpness is not less than 80%.
3. Masonry up and down the wrong stitch, brick, brick stack without heart puzzle.
4. The number and length of the prestressed tendons are in accordance with the design requirements and construction specifications.
5. The structural post indwelling position is correct.
6. Masonry wall need be clean and beautiful.
Product protection measures
1. Mortar consistency should be appropriate, when drywall should avoid mortar splashing dirty walls.
2. Other types of operation, should avoid the collision has been building walls.
3. Wall embedded parts should be noted protection, shall not be any change or damage.
4. In the frame around the feed inlet should be covered to keep the wall clean.
5. Construction should cover the masonry surface in rainy weather.

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