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Refractory strength of refractory material

Date:2017-08-10 17:21 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
High temperature bending strength refers to the material at high temperature unit cross section can withstand the ultimate bending stress. Which characterizes the ability of a material to resist bending at high temperatures. That is, the columnar solid is subjected to external bending deformation, the convex surface is stretched, the concave surface is compressed, and when the sum of the applied external force exceeds a certain limit, it is broken in the curved vertical section, and the strength at this time is called the bending strength of the material. High temperature bending strength of the material will increase its impact on the material and wear, enhance slag resistance.
     High temperature resistance of the material is a very important performance indicators, and the actual use are closely related. It depends on the chemical composition of the material, the organizational structure and the production process. The flux effect in the material has a significant effect on the high temperature flexural strength of the material.

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