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What is Magnesia Brick?

Date:2017-09-15 18:04 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
 contains more than 80%-85% Mg, and with periclase as the main mineral composition of the refractory material. The raw materials of magnesia brick are mainly magnesite, the basic component is MgCO2.
According to different production process, magnesia brick is divided into sintered magnesia brick and chemical bonded magnesia brick. Sintered magnesia brick is used to burn, the size of particles  ratio appropriate magnesia, adding brine (MgCl2 aqueous solution) and sulfite pulp waste liquid as a binder, press molding, firing under the high temperature of 1550-1650 ℃. And the chemical bonded magnesia brick is not through the firing process, after the sintered magnesia in proportion of granularity, adding the right amount of mineralizer and binder, press molding, through drying is finished product. The strength of the chemical bonded  Magnesia brick  is lower. The performance is not as good as sintered magnesia brick, but the price is cheap, less than half the price of sintered magnesia brick  belongs to alkaline refractory material, has stronger resistance to the alkali slag, but can not resist the erosion of acidic slag, under the high temperature of 1600 ℃, can react when contacting with silica brick, fire clay brick or even high alumina brick.  The refractoriness of magnesia brick is above 2000 ℃, but the load softening point is only 1550 ℃. And began to soften to 40%, the interval of deformation temperature is very small, only 30-50 ℃. The thermal stability of magnesia brick is also poorer, which is an important reason for the damage of magnesia brick.
In the heating furnace and the soaking furnace, magnesia brick is mainly used for surface layer of paving furnace bottom and the lower part of soaking furnace wall, which can resist the erosion of iron oxide skin.
In order to improve the thermal stability and high temperature strength of magnesia brick, adding industrial alumina powder into the ingredients, can be successfully used as high temperature furnace material, and also used for the parts of alkaline slag erosion.

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