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What are the requirements for bonded clay when producing semi-dry clay bricks?

Date:2020-01-10 11:29 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
When the semi-dry method is used to produce clay bricks, the combination of clay can bind non-plastic materials, so that the green body has a certain shape, density and strength, and the green body is sintered at a lower temperature. Therefore, the combined clay should have a certain degree of fire resistance, good plasticity and sinterability.
When manufacturing multi-clinker clay products, Al2O3 with a content of 25 to 30% can be used. When producing common clinker products, clays with Al2O3 content of 30 to 35% can be used.
In actual production, two kinds of clays with different plasticity can be selected according to the resource situation. A semi-soft clay with a high Al2O3 content and a poor binding ability can be used as the basic bonding clay, and a small amount of a high plasticity clay with a low Al2O3 content can be used. This not only has a certain degree of fire resistance, but also a certain formability and sinterability.
As for the particle size requirements of bound clay, the finer the better. Due to different molding methods, the requirements for the particle size of the bound clay are also different. When produced by the plastic method, the particle size of the bonded clay can be larger. Generally, the particle size of the bonded clay is not more than 02 to 0.5 mm when the semi-dry molding is used. Clay, combined with a clay particle size range of 2 to 5 mm, the particle size depends on the clay's ability to disperse in water.

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