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Specific requirements for refractory bricks for industrial furnaces

Date:2020-01-14 17:18 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Industrial kiln is a typical industrial production type kiln, and its use has mainly improved productivity in various fields. However, there are various problems in the process of use. For example, our common kiln has a large temperature difference. The large temperature difference will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Now, let's analyze what are the reasons for the large temperature difference.
The density of hot flue gas in industrial kiln is relatively small, and it will move up and down to cause temperature difference under the action of geometric head, especially in the preheating zone, because the zone operates under negative pressure. A large amount of cold air leaks into the door, kiln car joints, and inadequate sand seal boards. The density of the cold air makes most of the hot gas flow upward, which greatly promotes the function of the geometric indenter of the belt and makes the gas layering serious. The temperature difference between up and down can reach 300-400C.
Another reason is that the kiln car lining brick absorbs a large amount of heat, which lowers the temperature of the lower part of the preheating zone, and further expands the temperature difference between the industrial kiln. In addition, the upper vault and the upper part of the kiln wall have large gaps, small gas resistance, large geometric heads, and large temperature differences.

This is the reason for the large temperature difference between industrial kiln. In short, the main reason is that the density of hot flue gas is small and the temperature difference caused by kiln car lining brick absorbs a lot of heat. Well, now that we have found the cause of the problem, in the future construction, we must avoid these two causes to avoid the cause of the large temperature difference between the upper and lower kiln, and reduce our losses.

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