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High Quality Fire Clay Brick Supplier and Manufacturer

Date:2019-09-24 17:01 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
In today's society, with the gradual strengthening of environmental awareness and the stricter requirements of various engineering constructions, refractory bricks have become the mainstay of the kiln industry and are widely used in various scales of thermal equipment, the structure of inner and outer walls of kiln, while refractory bricks are not only environmentally friendly, but also, they are more tolerant than traditional products and bring considerable economic benefits to customers.
The content of Al2O3 in the fire clay brick of Sunrise refractory is generally more than 40%, and the content of Fe2O3 is less than 2.0~2.5%. The clinker in the furnish is 65-85%, and the combined clay is 35-15%. The pulverized bonded clay and the ground clinker are mixed and ground, and then combined with the granular clinker to prepare a semi-dry mud, which is formed by high pressure molding and fired at about 1400 ° C, and has good performance.
High-fire clay bricks are characterized by high porosity, generally 40%-85%; low bulk density less than 1.5g/cm3; low thermal conductivity, generally less than 1.0W (mK). It is used as insulation material for industrial furnaces. It can reduce the heat loss of the kiln, save energy and reduce the quality of thermal equipment. The mechanical strength, wear resistance and slag corrosion resistance of the insulating refractory material are poor, and it is not suitable for the bearing structure of the kiln and the direct contact with the slag, the charge, the molten metal and the like.
The fire clay brick is widely used in various kiln linings and insulation layers in metallurgy, machinery, ceramics, chemical industry, etc. It is an ideal energy-saving product. At present, most of the high temperature resistant materials for kiln use lightweight bricks as masonry materials, which can reduce the weight by about double. Save the cost of building the kiln, save raw materials, and achieve the same temperature and effect.
Zhengzhou Sunrise Kiln Refractory Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and sales of refractory materials for industrial furnaces, and strives to create energy-saving industrial furnace refractory products. We are a professional manufacturer of refractory bricks, providing customers with high quality (heavy refractory bricks, lightweight insulation bricks, unshaped refractory castables, etc.) refractory products and providing customers with the best masonry solutions, striving for customers. Provide intimate sales and after-sales service.
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