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The Production process of non-fired clay brick

Date:2020-02-06 14:24 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Non-fired clay brick is a new type of brick that is made of clay with a small amount of admixtures and formulas and does not need to be burned.
It is naturally maintained.

The production technology is as follows:
I. Selection of raw materials:
1. Clay: It should be rich in loose particles, which is conducive to mixing formulas and admixtures. The clay with small sand content can be mixed with sand. Clay with less sand and harder sand must be ground before mixing with sand.
配方 2. Formulation: According to the raw materials, the formula is determined through experiments to ensure the strength and water resistance of the brick, and it will not crack after soaking. Otherwise, cracks usually occur in bricks.
3. Additives: Adding a few additives and waterproofing agents, in addition to improving the hardening strength of the brick, can also reduce the amount of formula and reduce the cost of finished products.
4. Water: When the water consumption is proper, the strength of the brick is high, the molding water is small, and the strength of the brick is poor. The material has large resistance in the mold, presses on one side, and the bottom of the brick is not dense. It is easy to break when it is out of the mold; when the moisture content of the sand is 3-5%, the water consumption during molding is preferably 10%. If the raw fine sand is too much, it can be reduced to 8%.
Second, process operation:
1, mixing time: long mixing time will be able to mix evenly. The strength of dry mix 20 minutes is 15-23% higher than that of 10 minutes; it is advisable that the material does not agglomerate when wet mix. The storage time of the mixed materials is preferably 2 hours. If the time is too long or too short, the compression strength of the bricks will be reduced.
2. Molding pressure: The pressure of clay cement bricks is best at 50MPa. The finished product has high compression strength and good water resistance. The pressure is too low to compact easily. Use a hydroforming machine as well.
3.Clay cement bricks are usually maintained by solar energy, and the natural strength of the 7-day age is equivalent to 67-90% of the 28-day age; the 28-day age is 80-95 in a quarter %. Therefore, if the maintenance place is small, the clay cement bricks can leave the factory after 7 days of natural maintenance.
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