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Precautions for the Firing Process of Clay Refractory Bricks

Date:2019-09-27 16:55 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Clay refractory brick is an indispensable high temperature resistant material in smelting production. However, in the production and use of clay refractory bricks, there will be different damage. Cracks in the production process are a prominent type of waste produced by refractory bricks. In particular, the scrap rate of smelting bricks remains high. The quality of thermal conductive products is unstable and the volatility is relatively large. It has a negative impact on normal production.
The influence of mud:
1. The mud material is too fine: during the pulverization process, the clay clinker particles are fine due to various reasons. During the pressing process, the air in the billet is not easily discharged, and the elastic after-effect caused by the pressure is large, and cracks are likely to occur.
2, the water is too large: when the mud is mixed, the roller head can not grasp the size of the water. When the water is too large, the material in the cavity is filled in a certain amount, and the water film on the surface of the particle is thickened, which affects the close contact of the particles. The pressure gradually increases during molding, and the elastic expansion of moisture gradually increases, and it is easy to concentrate on the dense portion, which causes channel cracks on the surface of the clay refractory brick.
The impact of suppression:
1. Improper method: During the pressing process, the molding operator does not follow the standard operation, so that the gas inside the brick can not be naturally discharged with the increase of pressure. The bulk material is suddenly affected by gravity, and the gas is quickly concentrated to somewhere. The part has a destructive effect on its surface, which leads to the occurrence of cracking of the clay refractory brick.
2, the pressure is too large: because the operator's technology is not too hard, in the pressing process, the material is formed to a certain degree of compactness, continue to pressurize the brick, when the relationship between pressure and compression is not proportional to increase, the material begins to brittle and elastic deformation . The pressure greatly exceeds the critical pressure, and the reaction force generated by the force of the green body plays a negative role, and the over-embossed pattern is generated.
The above content is the analysis and summary of the precautions for the burning process of clay refractory bricks by Sunrise Refractory Company. If you need to purchase refractory materials, please contact us for more details.

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