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Brief analysis of various differences between clay bricks by refractory manufacturers

Date:2020-03-17 14:58 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Clay bricks are clay products with an aluminum content of 30% to 50%. It is made of clay powder and various refractory binders for compression molding and then sintered at a high temperature in a kiln.
Clay bricks are crushed by almost bauxite crushing and then press-molded with a high-pressure machine. Among them, the performance of clay bricks made from different raw materials is not the same, and different presses are used in the molding of bricks. The density and strength of clay bricks made from clay bricks are also different. The strength of clay bricks that are compacted by using a large-scale press after firing is stronger than that of compacted bricks. The raw materials of clay bricks are also a decisive factor for the quality of clay bricks. Clay bricks made of rough materials are sintered after pressing and molding. The phenomenon of fractures and cracks is prone to affect the bonding performance of clay bricks. Sintering performance. When the sintering temperature is high, the impurities inside the brick will be burned out, and there will be too many rough spots on the surface of the clay brick. There is no smoothness that affects the appearance of the brick and the effect of using the brick.
In the process of making clay bricks, the selection of raw materials is also required. The product performance and appearance of the selected materials are qualitatively different, and the density, hardness, and fire resistance of the bricks are greatly improved. For better clay bricks, a large amount of high-aluminum fine powder is added to the clay during production and then pressed and fired by a high-weight press. The surface of the fired clay brick is delicate and shiny, and the density and hardness can be significantly improved. Therefore, when selecting clay refractory bricks, you can roughly tell whether the texture of the bricks is good or not from the surface smoothness and surface flatness. The same clay bricks, but different aluminum contents, different body density Not the same price. When purchasing refractory products, do not look at the price, but at the quality.

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