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The Construction Of Fireclay Brick In The Winter

Date:2016-05-31 10:06 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
In the winter, the fireclay brick should be constructed with the winter construction. 
The Construction Of Fireclay Brick In The Winter
The work place should be sealed, heated and insulated. the temperature of the fire clay lining should be above 5℃. The dry materials should be stored in a warm place and mixed with hot water. The mixture should be kept above 10℃. No need to add chemical coagulants or antifreeze. 
Install the insulation layer fisrt to improve the antifreezing ability of refractory layer. After construction, the masonry should be covered with plastic cloth and dry grass. Newly-built furnaces should be insulated for 10 days. 
Do not expose the newly-constructed fireclay bricks to the cold weather. In the rainy day, the construction should be carried out indoors. All materials, tools, the site and the masonry should be rainproof. The unfinished masonry should be roofed and holes should be plugged. The finished furnace should be sealed. The completed ground prefabricated parts should be elevated and  covered to prevent it from being soaked in water.

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