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How to Store Fireclay Bricks

Date:2016-07-04 11:42 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The storage of fireclay bricks should follow the following principles:
How to Store Fireclay Bricks
(1) The bricks should be stacked in the sequence of construction. The bricks installed first should be stacked close to the transportation routes.
(2) All bricks should be marked with signs to indicate the type, model number, size and the part it will be used in. 
(3) Bricks should be stacked neatly. Only one incomplete brick stack is permitted for the same fireclay bricks.
(4) Bricks should be stacked according to the composition, specification and size. 
(5) Bricks should be stacked according to the part they will be used in. 
(6) The distance between the brick stacks should be no less than 600mm; the transport passage should be 2000-3000mm wide; the distance between stack and the wall should be no less than 500mm.

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