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What is the main use of Fire Clay Brick?

Date:2016-07-14 10:37 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Fire clay brick is mainly used in metallurgical industry, as production stereotypes refractories (all kinds of brick) and amorphous refractory raw material, consumption accounts for about 70% of the

total refractory materials. The hard clay refractory clay used for production of blast furnace refractories, duty forge, hot blast stove, the ladle lining brick, block. High-alumina clay used in electric

furnace, blast furnace of aluminum brick, high alumina lining brick and high aluminum refractory mortar.
Hard clay and high-alumina clay are often under high temperature (1400 ~ 1800 ℃) mature

material used.

Refractory clay in abrasive industry, chemical industry and ceramic industry also has important application. High alumina clay can be used to produce all kinds of aluminum compounds, such as

aluminum sulfate, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum chloride, aluminum potassium sulfate and other chemical products.In the ceramic industry, hard clay and semi-rigid clay can be used as a

manufacturing daily-use ceramics, building ceramics and industrial ceramics raw materials.

Refractory clay in the building materials industry to make cement kiln and glass furnace with high alumina brick, phosphate, high aluminum refractory bricks, high aluminum fused cast brick. After

calcining alumina clay, and then mixed with limestone made from alumina cement, the cement quick-setting ability and strong corrosion resistance and resistance to thermal characteristics. This

kind of cement with a fast setting ability and strong corrosion and thermal resistance characteristics.

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