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Refractory Materials Used In the Alumina Circulation Boiling Baking Furnace

Date:2016-08-15 15:32 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The Alumina circulation boiling Baking Furnace is used to bake aluminum hydroxide. It is composed of a conical cyclone, venturi dryer, boiling baking furnace, feeding screw, fluidized cooler, circulating bed, discharge chute, discharge duct, air duct and flues. The equipment is substantially cylindrical, with a maximum outer diameter 5.8m and height 32m. The shell is welded with steel plates. The lining is built with monolithic refractories, refractory bricks, calcium silicate board and refractory fibers, and connected and fixed with anchors. Each device is connected with another and forms a whole sealed integral structural device. 
Alumina Circulation Boiling Baking Furnace
The maximum temperature is 1100℃ and the highest pressure is 12.5kPa. The maximum flow rate is 48.5m/s and the baking time is about 30min. The entire baking process is completed at a high speed, high temperature. Due to the large hardness and good liquidity of alumina materials, the requirements on the quality of the alumina products are critical. Therefore, refractory materials used should meet the following conditions: high temperature resistance, wear resistance, high strength, good thermal stability, good integrity and strong tightness.
When selecting refractory materials, follow the 3 principles below:
(1) Guarantee the physical and chemical indicators of various refractory materials meet the requirements;
(2) Ensure the refractory materials have good workability, especially refractory castables;
(3) The selected refractory must be inspected. 

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