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  • big fireclay bottom blocks

    Description: Using big vibrating table and adopting special castables, the company produces furnace l...

    big fireclay bottom blocks
  • fire clay bricks

    Description Fireclay bricks are the most widely used refractories made from clay minerals. It can be ...

    fire clay bricks

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Classification and Synthesis of Raw Materials for Refractory Materials

Date:2017-06-21 09:19 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Refractory material is a kind of raw material with high temperature stability and stability. China has more refractory raw materials, variety category is very complete. According to the growth conditions can be divided into natural refractory raw materials and synthetic refractory raw materials two categories.
However, the types of natural mineral raw materials that can be used as refractory materials are limited, and they can not meet the requirements of high quality and high-tech refractory materials for the production of modern industrial special requirements. Synthetic refractory materials in the past few decades the development process is very rapid. These synthetic refractory materials can fully meet the pre-designed chemical composition and structure of the chemical composition, quality and stability, is the modern high-performance and high-tech refractories of the main raw materials.

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