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Process Flow Of Lightweight Fire Clay Bricks

Date:2015-10-30 15:06 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin

The selection of process flow of light weight fire clay bricks mainly depends on the quality of the raw material and the quality of the product. The main process is to form high quality clay mud into the mud which can effectively improve the material formability and physical properties of fire clay bricks. The process flow of fire clay bricks is as below:

1. Raw material preparation which mainly contains the preparation of clay clinker and preparation of compound clay. Preparation of clay clinker is to burn the light clay raw material at high temperature and then make it into granular materials and fine powder; the preparation of compound clay is the process to crush, dry, grind to fine powder and paste the light clay.

2. Mixing and molding which is mainly to make the raw materials into mixture materials, then mixture materials through mixing and molding. There are many ways to mold, semi dry pressing method is widely used. Molding process has great influence in bulk density, strength and corrosion resistance of fire clay bricks.

3. Drying process which can adopt natural air drying or hot air heating method to dry fire clay bricks. In the process drying speed should be controlled which can guarantee the bricks without deformation and cracking.

4. Sintering process. This process is to get a certain strength fire clay brick of good shape size, dense structure and good mechanical properties

fire clay bricks

The thermal properties of lightweight fire clay bricks contain heat capacity, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity. All of these properties are the basis for measuring the ability of light clay brick. to adapt to the heat process

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